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"Creativity is nothing but a mind set free."
- Torrie T. Asai

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Artists Writers Creators Directors Musicians Dancers Poets Filmmakers ACTORS

Our programs

Something for everyone

There is no such thing as an "artsy person" because every person is meant to create. Our programs unleash the limitless possibilities of everyone in ways that are unique, exciting, and accessible.

The arts teach us how to interact and collaborate with one another, how to share space with others who are different from us. Young people need a place where that interaction happens, where they can take risks in their creativity, where they have a platform to make their voices heard. MACA is that platform.


Like artists, leaders must draw on their unique personality, values and vision. As with art, leadership requires creative energy, provides inspiration and promotes self-expression and out-of-the-box-thinking. Our programs are designed to develop participants' leadership skills naturally through the process of creation.


There is an interdependent relationship between the artist and their community. The artist needs an audience to interact with their art, and the community benefits from the inspiration and improved environment the art provides. MACA's platform continually strives to connect the two, while forming its own sense of community among participants.


Since the dawn of human existence, art has been used as a form of personal and collective expression. It is a primal skill that enables us to express ourselves and connect with others in ways that overcome linguistic and cultural barriers. Our participants are empowered to communicate freely in a safe space without judgement, which can really be hard to come by in today's world.


We believe that everyone should have access to high quality extra-curricular programming. (After all, access to and enjoyment of the arts was declared a human right in 1948 by the United Nations.) With that in mind, we created our outreach program, making it possible for students of all backgrounds to access the transformative power of arts education.


Being creative makes life infinitely interesting and fulfilling. The most creative people find ways around obstacles, because they see them not as roadblocks but as opportunities. Being creative expands our perceptions and develops new ways of problem solving. Our programs are designed to encourage and enhance creative thinking through various tasks, activities and challenges, depending on the topic.


We truly believe that quality mentorship and leading by example is paramount to our success as individuals. The MACA community is comprised of varying age groups, which naturally enables us to set up mentorship opportunities among our participants. We are proud to be able to offer mentoring opportunities for both mentors and mentees.